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A central repository of useful and up-to-date science, technology and innovation data and information within a national system of innovation (NSI)

Below you can make a selection from the available categories or you can perform a search on keywords or phrases. Both actions will display a list of available reports/graphs.

When you click or select a relevant graph/report, you will see action buttons at the top to perform various actions. For instance you can click on "full screen" or view the metadata. Above the graph there is also filters (for instance year or sector), where you can narrow down the results. You can clear the selection to show all the years, or you can Ctrl+click to select multiple years.

When you hover with your mouse over the graph itself, you'll see icons in the top right and when you hover over the icon you'll get a description of what the icon does. The "more options" icon allows you to show the graph as a table or export the data.